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Welcome to stone to kg, our article about the stones to kilograms conversion. For the imperial and English unit of mass stone we use the abbreviation st, and for the metric unit of mass kilogram we use the symbol kg. So, if you have been looking for st to kg or how many kg in a stone, then you have come to the right page, too. 🙂 Note that the plural of stone is either stones or stone – without the trailing “s”, and read on to learn everything about stones to kilos.



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How many Kg in a Stone

To answer how many kg in a stone we consider that a stone equals 14 pounds known as international avoirdupois pound, defined as 0.45359237 kg. Thus, the stone to kg formula is:

[kg] = [st] × 6.35029318

Insert 1 in the [st] field of our formula above, and it follows that the answer to the question how much is a stone in kg is 6.35029318 kilograms.

Similarly, replace the stone placeholder with 3.5 if you want to change 3 1/2 stones to kilograms. The result of this example mass conversion will be approximately 22.233 kg.

Here you can convert kg to stone.

Now, take a moment to have a look at our search form in the sidebar. Assumed x stands for your mass in stone, there you might look up x stone into kg for example.

In the same fashion you could search for x stone to kilo, x stones to kilo and x stone kg, just to give you a few examples. Give it a try inserting the term x stones to kilograms!

In the following part of our article about the stone to kg conversion we are going to have another look at how to convert stone to kilos, and also discuss stones to kg and grams.

Convert Stones to Kg

To convert stones to kilograms multiply the mass in stones by 6.35029318, which is equal to 14 international avoirdupois pounds in a stone weight.

In case you want to convert stones to kg and grams combined, then do the math as explained above, taking into account that one kilogram is thousand grams.

Thus, the integer part of the conversion denotes the kg and the first three decimals of the decimal part of the conversion stand for the grams, as explained in the following example:

4 stones to kilograms = 4 × 6.35029318 kg = 25.40117272 kg = 25 kilograms and 401 grams, approximately. The exact gram part is 401.17272 g.

Frequent conversion in this category include:

We recommend to always use our weight converter stones to kg at the top of this page.

About our Stone to Kg Converter

Our stone to kg converter at the beginning of this article is straightforward: Enter the mass in stone weight using a decimal point for fractions, then our tool does the math for you automatically.

If you need the result in kilograms and grams combined, then proceed as explained in our example above.

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In the final paragraph ahead we are going to review the frequently asked questions on kg in a stone, and at the same place you can also find the summary of our page.

Stone in Kg

You have reached the concluding part of how to convert stones to kilos, and if you have read our information than you know all about stone to kg, except for the FAQs below:

  • How many kg in a stone?
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  • How much kg is a stone?
  • How many kg in stone?
  • How many kg is a stone?

Taking into account the information on this page you can answer these st to kg FAQs easily, but if something else is unclear leave us a comment using the form at the bottom of this article.


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